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PepsiCo created a user friendly CMS that allowed users to quickly and easily customize their promotions in every locality around the world.

Pepsi ImageWorx

Pepsi ImageWorx Global, Customizable CMS

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Explainer, Motion, Branding, Instructional


Pepsico's ImageWorx CMS  automates the process of customizing promotions in a snap.

When PepsiCo launched their revolutionary CMS system that made it easy to find and customize their deep and expanding archive of marketing assets they needed a simple way to communicate the benefits to their many users around the world. We helped distill the benefits and create messaging that enticed users to adopt the new system quickly and understand the many new features offered. We whittled down a long winded benefits report to a script with just a few key words that we matched to thoughtfully designed motion graphic scenes to tell the story.

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Pepsi ImageWorx
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Inspire Connection

Curiosity is our key to imaginative and accurate communications. Intake is the foundation of producing media that simply and effectively engages viewers and communicates key takeaways in a way that sticks. We listen, ask too many questions (but we do it quickly and efficiently), then research the topics and missions of our clients diligently so that we can understand and offer fresh perspectives on the issues at hand. Then we find ways to refine the message in bite size, engaging bits and present them in eye catching, story driven ways that viewers enjoy and remember.

  • Communications internal, B2B, B2C
  • Explainers, How Tos, Instructional
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Events, Trade shows, Conferences

This portfolio template is designed to showcase your work in a minimal yet eye-catching way. It comes with pre-built sections and other helpful designs.

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Pepsi ImageWorx
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