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RoadwareZ vest makes traveling on 2 wheels safer, more fun, and more connected, we gave them a name, a logo and brought those qualities to life.


RoadwareZ where technology meets the road

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Branding, Ad Campaign, Motion, Visualization


Ride smart, safe & social with RoadwareZ revolutionary IoT vest that has a variety of benefits packed into a sleek, fashionable, sports vest.

RoadwareZ needed a name, logo and identity for their revolutionary IoT vest & backpack that was packed with incredible features for anyone riding on 2 wheels or walking near traffic. Before the first working production piece rolled off the line we helped create video, marketing and presentation assets that showcased the amazing benefits of their innovative sportswear designs and technology. The results came quickly for this ambitious start-up, our collaboration helped them secure investment, win awards, and receive critical acclaim across a variety of magazines and techcentric websites.

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