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GameChanger has evolved the youth sports experience and they needed to attract the best and brightest to continue their expansive growth.

GameChanger Recruit

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GameChanger Recruit




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How do you attract & retain top tech talent in a tight job market?

The GameChanger youth sports app, acquired by Dick's Sporting Goods, combined world class technologies like video streaming, scoring, and everything a team needs to connect players, coaches, families and fans. GameChanger expanded through the youth sports world at rapid speeds and needed the best and brightest techs to join their team. GameChanger faced a job market that was the tightest in decades and had extremely high demand for tech specialists. We helped create an omni channel campaign to recruit and retain the best of the best. We needed to know what would be the top attractors for high end tech talent so we conducted a series of video interviews with a variety of techs to find out. The results were extraordinary and helped us target and refine compelling messaging. We touted GameChanger's culture of growth, collaboration, and mentoring. We also focused on the rewards of working on an app that truly makes people happy, keeps families, fans, players and coaches connected and delivers positive benefits to its users. We wrapped it all behind the the tag line, “Positively Driven.” We created a series of videos and web ads that initially attracted and then immersed recruits in the great benefits and opportunities GameChanger had to offer. The campaign was a huge success and attracted more candidates and eventual hires than initially projected.

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GameChanger Recruit
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