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Xtreme celebrity athletes inspired a line of label designs for SoBe and we brought the athletes and the designs to life.

SoBe YourSelf

SoBe YourSelf with Kier Dillon

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SoBe YourSelf




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Ad Campaign, Branding, Live Action, Motion, Compositing


SoBe enlisted the vivacious personalities of Xtreme athletes to put their spin on spectacular bottle designs.

Kier Dillon, pro-snowboarder and all around personality tells how his label design was inspired by his background and interests. We shot on location on Kier's favorite mountain to capture the amazing feats and skill of his arial displays. We learn of Kier's many additional skills and interests in a lively interview shot on green screen. His story is brought to life with composited 2D & 3D motion graphics inspired by his SoBe YourSelf designs.

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SoBe YourSelf
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SoBe YourSelf
SoBe YourSelf
SoBe YourSelf



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