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Verizon wanted to show off their speed so we crunched some films into a minute.

Dash Flicks

Dash Flicks for Verizon

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Dash Flicks


Verizon Wireless


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Branded Entertainment, Comedy, Live Production, Compositing, Motion


A bunch of comedians walk into a studio and have to remake a movie in a minute…

We called on our pool of comedic talent and writers and asked them to rewrite popular movie and TV scripts so that they only ran a minute. This helped engage audiences and amplified the speed of Verizon Wireless' ability to download the movies you love at unheard of speeds. Our scenics had a flurry of fun creating the costumes, sets and props and the casting spanned the generations from toddlers to grandparents. Some were shot on location and others were shot on green screen. It was all wonderfully campy and appealed to a wide audience of all ages.

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Dash Flicks
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Inspire Connection

A-List & Emerging Comedic Talent + Creative Production = Innovation.

Our integration with top talent management companies creates an environment where celebrities, writers, directors, actors and comedians intimately collaborate with our creative production forces to bring spectacular results and laughs to your media mission.

  • Comedic branded content
  • Top celebrities and emerging talent
  • Highly experienced comedy directors and crews
  • Live action location & studio shoots
  • Set, costume and prop design
  • 2D & 3D motion graphics & compositing

A laugh is worth a million words!

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Dash Flicks
Dash Flicks
Dash Flicks



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